Thursday, February 25, 2010

Glaen by Fred Lybrand

Fred Lybrand uses an interesting story to promote his views of building relationships.

Glaen tells the story of Annie, a grad student who is baffled by the relationships she sees around her; her parents are separating, her best friend thinks every boyfriend is "the one" and her little sister is still in the "do you like me yes-or-no circle one" stage.

Annie takes a class with Professor Glaen. She seems to be the only student who signed up for it but she'll learn all about relationships from this quirky man.

As she begins to work on her book that attemps to unpack how relationships work, you go deeper and deeper into Lybrand's teaching.

There are no chapters in this book so it will seem like you are blitzing through the story. And once you come out the other end, you'll want to discuss it with some of your friends.

Don't assume that dating or courting is the answer to building strong loving relationships.

Has God created us to ever succeed at it?

The outcome might surprise you just as the little twist at the end of this story will.

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