Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where is God? by Dr. John Townsend

Dr. Townsend of Boundaries fame has jumped into the fad of trying to allay the fears of Americans.
In Where Is God? we are given the basic, oft-repeated answers we hear from any Christian. The biggest difference is the inclusion of psychology in the cliched pat answers.

The 14 chapters give us insights such as:

Power, Presence, and Protest
Why Ask Why?
Freedom in the Service of Love
The God You Must Not Seek
The God Who Suffers with Me
The God Who Works Behind the Scenes
The God Who Connects You with Others
The God of Faith When There Are No Answers
among others.

Unless you've been a fan of Dr. Townsend, I don't think you should pick this book up. As I've said in other places, if you want a book that deals with the suffering question, you should read Randy Alcorn's tome If God Is Good.

Where is God? is just the a repeat of the answers that frustrate you with a little psychology mixed in for good measure.

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