Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker

A straight-forward thriller by Ted Dekker can be found in The Bride Collector.

Don't expect the twists and turns that cause your brain to implode. This isn't a novel like Thr3e or Skin. The Bride Collector is about beauty, mental illness and good vs. evil.

Lately Dekker has been on this theme of beauty and asking the question, "what is beauty?".

FBI special agent Brad Raines is the man hunting a serial killer known as The Bride Collector. This person abducts women under 25 years of age, subdues them, strips them down to their underwear, hangs them from a wall, then drills a hole in their heel and lets them bleed dry.

Dekker has a thing for creating villains with quirks. We had a guy who loved to suck mustard from the jar, a guy who covered himself with facial cream, and now we have The Bride Collector who eats his oranges with peanut butter.

I'm sure a number of you, after reading this, will try that combination.

Believing the killer may have some mental issues, Raines seeks help from residents of a psychiatric institute for mentally ill people who have extraordinary gifts.

Can Raines stop the Collector before he kills seven women? He's already killed three and the next victim may be Raines' partner.

Ted Dekker writes the popcorn fiction - novels that take a day or two to read, they keep you up late at night because you can't put them down and once you finish, you're left contemplating the significance of the "moral of the story".

With The Bride Collector as with Boneman's Daughters, Dekker likes to reiterate the point too often - for those of you in the cheap seats who can't figure it out.

(The tiny winks to The Circle Saga was nice)

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