Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Contagious But Not Quarantined by Timothy Fisher

No pressure evangelism.

Contagious But Not Quarantined is Tim Fisher's second book. While his first, It's a Sign: Seeing Jesus in the Ordinary touched on the miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John, Contagious explores a simple way of sharing your faith that is not overly aggressive.

The process of evangelism is so simple that many people already practice some of the principles without even knowing it.

Gone are the days of yelling at passerbys with a bullhorn. Gone are the days of handing out the insipid tracts. Fisher's book offers practical advice based on our characteristics.

Once you've learned the acronym PINCH, you'll discover that evangelism doesn't have to be the scary, nail-biting scarefest it once was.

Numerous and often humerous stories accompany the steps toward becoming contagious. (Where people want to catch the faith that you have in Jesus Christ).

This book belongs right beside Bill Hybels' Just Walk Across the Room.

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