Tuesday, April 27, 2010

In Good Company

I was looking for a good clean comedy to watch and found In Good Company.

Starring Dennis Quaid as Dan, a Salesman for a sport's magazine, Topher Grace as Carter, the 26 year old who comes in as Dan's new boss, and Scarlett Johansson as Alex, Dan's daughter and Carter's new girlfriend.

The biggest bright spot of this film is the comedy. I'm assuming most critics panned this film (it came out in 2004) because the comedy is clean and not based on college, stoner jokes.

Carter is your typical career-oriented male whose marriage has just ended. He is brought into the Sales Department as head honcho and tasked with firing a larger number of the sales team. Even though Dan (Quaid) makes the most money, Carter decides to keep him on as wingman.

It's your Obi Wan-teaching-Luke plot with the twist of the young boss dating the daughter.

Topher Grace does a great job in this role, much like any role he plays. And Dennis Quaid should remember how he can actually make wise movie decisions (like this one) without having to act in the poor direct-to-dvd movies.(Horsemen)

The only thing I have to say about Scarlett Johansson, is my amazement at how low her voice is!

In Good Company does have some foul language in it but all in all, this is a fun, decent film to rent.
In Good Company (Widescreen Edition)

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