Friday, September 24, 2010

The Overton Window by Glenn Beck

Does anyone actually believe that Beck wrote this? It may be some of his ideas (the inclusion of Faith, Hope and Charity) but we all know this was done by a ghost writer.

The Overton Window is a warning to what Glenn Beck sees may happen if we allow current policies and policy-makers to run pell mell.

Noah Gardner is a PR man for a powerful corporation run by his father. Noah meets Molly, a girl who believes something is horribly wrong with The United States.

She is part of a group designed to return the country to its Constitutional beginnings.

Noah and Molly befriend each other and Noah is taking for quite the ride in conspiracy theories. The ultimate truth may take him back to his own dad.

The Overton Window isn't so much an action thriller as it describes the build up to the cataclysmic event that will alter the makeup of The United States.

This is a fiction story built around Beck's worries and philosophy of government.

It's a fine breeze read (really easy to finish in one day) but too many people will see Glenn Beck and fail it without reading this.
The Overton Window

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