Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paul and Scripture by Steve Moyise

Author Steve Moyise gives a quick look at how Paul used sections of the Old Testament to shape his beliefs following the resurrection of Jesus.

Paul and Scripture is a short book for any student of the Bible.

Inside you will find 8 sections devoted to Paul's use of the Old Testament writings:

Paul and the Creation Stories
Paul and Abraham
Paul and Moses
Paul and the Law
Paul and the Prophets - for Israel and the Gentiles, for the Christian community
Paul and the Writings (Psalms, Proverbs, Job)
Modern Approaches to Paul's use of Scripture.

This last section deals with 3 approaches to Paul. These include Intertextual, Narrative (popular by N.T. Wright), and Rhetorical.

I was really digging deep into what Moyise was writing early in the book, but by the time I got to the Psalms and the different approaches, I had lost interest.

Paul and Scripture is a great book for anyone studying Paul and his writings. The last section would have made a great book on it's own comparing the different approaches, but it seemed rushed to tack on.

In the end, I prefer to read N.T. Wright's work - even if it comes in a thicker book.

Paul and Scripture: Studying the New Testament Use of the Old Testament
This book was provided for review by Baker Publishing.

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