Sunday, January 16, 2011

The A-Team

I never saw the television show so I think that hurt my enjoyment of the film.

The A-Team throws a crew of unruly Army Rangers together to play outside the normal parameters of military engagement. This sets them up for betrayal and double crosses.

The movie stars, Liam Neeson, Jessica Biel, and Patrick Wilson among other no-namers. It's one thing when you're an actor like Neeson and come out with other excellent work leaving you with the enjoyment of these fun films. It's another thing when you're Biel and Wilson and you have to make these films because no one else will hire you.

After one of the secret missions ends with the death of their commanding officer, the A-Team is disbanded and sent to prison. They know they've been framed and it's their job to break out of jail, determine who it was who set them up, and exact revenge.

The movie is full of semi-cool eye candy special effects and unbelievable action sequences. Most of the character development would probably make more sense to me if I had seen an episode of the original show.

This is just fine for a rental or even better if a friend lets you borrow it. Don't bother with a purchase.
The A-Team

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