Thursday, January 13, 2011

Recreating the Church: Leadership for the Postmodern Age by Richard L. Hamm

Richard Hamm has written a great resource for pastors feeling the drain of leading a church in these postmodern/post-Christian times.

Recreating the Church will help church leaders understand why most churches behave and why they are structured the way they are. Hamm then spells out ways in which these pastors can structure change the format to make these institutions better equipped to handle the vast attitudes.

Broken down in three sections, you'll read "How Did it Come to This?" in which, through each generation, governmental structures took place. For the most part, the mainline churches are based on a post-World War II mindset. This generation valued institutions and organizing gave them value.

Hamm believes this structure no longer resonates with the new generations.

In Part 2 you will learn about the Challenges Confronting Mainline Churches Today; especially with the generational gap, the way people can easily become polarized.

In Part 3 Hamm provides a road map to Leading a Journey of Transformation. This section will provide a couple aspects to leading change.

Many mainline churches are functioning in survival mode, Hamm says. We need to adapt to a more missional mode.

These changes go into detail with our boards, committees, even what pastors and lay leaders need to understand.

This is a good book for anyone in church leadership in this era.
Recreating the Church: Leadership for the Postmodern Age (TCP Leadership Series)

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Chalice Press Publishing.

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