Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eat Pray Love

How could you go wrong with Julia Roberts? Doesn't she always make movies golden?

With Eat Pray Love, Roberts encapsulates the adult version of Bella, of Twilight. Starring as Liz Gilbert, Julia Roberts spends most of her screen time crying over the fact that she has lost herself and doesn't have a boyfriend.

Billy Drudup is Liz's husband who can't seem to settle down on any one job or idea. He is always trying new things and this unnerves Liz. So she asks for a divorce.

Soon after she leaves her husband, Liz hooks up with a young actor played by James Franco. See what happens? You sleep with Julia Roberts and, before you know it, you're nominated for an Oscar.

Liz then takes a year to find herself in Italy, India and Bali.

She eats incredibly good looking food in Europe, gets eaten by mosquitoes in India and finally ends up getting run off the road by a Gerard Butler look-a-like. Does anyone not think these two will end up together?

There are some moments that are quality movie-making, this is Julia Roberts we're talking about. But Eat Pray Love is too depressing and not romantic enough to salvage a purchase. RedBox it if you have to.
Eat Pray Love

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