Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Flight Plan by Lee Burns and Braxton Brady

Lee Burns and Braxton Brady have created a coming-of-age book for boys based on piloting. And what boys don't enjoy fighter jets?

Flight Plan is written in such a way that, while they will roll their eyes at the subject matter, boys in their tweens and young teenage years will connect and enjoy.

With 13 chapters with cool pilot names:

Buckle Up
On Course or Off Course?
Flight Pattern
Who is Going to be Your Wing Man?
Cabin Pressure
Potential Crash Landing
Girls like Guys in Uniform
Afterburners On!
Red Flags
Call Signs and Crew Chiefs
Flight School
Medals of Honor
Final Tune Up

These guys cover all the bases. We're talking drugs, puberty, sex, peer pressure, mentoring, you name an issue that boys deal with, these authors tackle it with straight up talk. There's no wishy-washy way around how they explain what goes through a boy's brain during puberty. This is the kind of talk all boys need to have with their father or father-figure.

If you have a young son or wish to know what it's like to grow up in this era, get Flight Plan.
Flight Plan: your mission to become a man

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by PDS Publishing.

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