Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Quantum of Solace

Such hopes for the new Bond series has been momentarily dashed. Not only will we have to wait extra long for the next movie to come out (due to studio bankruptcy) but Daniel Craig's second attempt at Bond fell flat.

Quantum of Solace never got off the ground for me. I liked how it picked up right after Casino Royale. The opening car chase was perfect for the Bond man.

Then things got confusing and jumbled.

We had characters enter the movie only to be killed in the next scene. What was up with the woman who was supposed to keep her eye on Bond, sleep with him and then get oil poured all over her?

I understand it was in honor of Goldfinger, but things moved too quickly here. There were so many characters that were introduced, without clearly explaining why they were in the movie, only to be killed within 30 seconds.

This attempt to re-energize James Bond as the British counter to Jason Bourne is not having a positive result.

Craig is still amazing as Bond. I think he ranks #2. Yet, even his mad skills couldn't save this movie from the land of the lame.

Quantum of Solace

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