Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Ghost Writer

What would you do if you were tasked with ghost writing a former head of state's memoirs?

In The Ghost Writer, Ewan McGregor plays the writer for former British Prime Minister, Adam Lange (Pierce Brosnan). Ewan is brought in because the former Ghost Writer's body was found washed to shore.

Shorter after beginning the project, Lange is accused of war crimes for kidnapping and torturing suspected terrorists.

The rest of the movie is a thrilling twist-and-turn in the spirit of Alfred Hitchcock.

Also starring Olivia Williams as Lange's wife and Kim Cattrall as Lange's PR person.

I gave this movie half of my attention until things really started heating up. This is chock full of A-list actors. You won't be able to miss the not-so subtle hints toward Tony Blair.

This is the kind of movie where most of you will probably figure out the ending beforehand, but it's still fun to think about who-dun-it and why.

Full of misdirection, and betrayal, this is a story of placing a normal guy in the middle of an international political conspiracy.
The Ghost Writer

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