Monday, January 17, 2011

Transformers: Exodus by Alex Irvine

We've seen them on the big screen and remember them from our cartoons. Alex Irvine spells out the war on the Transformer's planet that created the ongoing fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Transformers: Exodus gives you a quick glimpse into this war of history. I say quick because while this war spans many years, Irvine cuts it's down to a few pages.

You'll learn how Megatron started as a gladiator and Optimus was a lowly data clerk.

You'll discover that the two had similar plans and why Optimus calls Megatron "brother".

Irvine plays the familiar card by naming only the famous Transformers from the movie and a couple from the cartoon. You won't be caught off guard by any new characters.

This story may include some setup to the third Transformers movie as well, as we get a chance to meet the mentor of Optimus Prime (whom many believe is to be seen in the Transformers 3 teaser trailer)

Lots of battles over lots of time shrunk to a small hardback book. This is a quick read for even the mildest of fans.
Transformers: Exodus: The Official History of the War for Cybertron (Transformers (Del Rey))

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