Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Billerbeck

There are times when you have a craving for a certain kind of food. I will use that excuse for my reading a "chick-lit" book. A Billion Reasons Why is a romantic Christian novel by Kristin Billerbeck. She wrote it because of her love for the 1940s and for New Orleans.

For someone who hates straight up romantic stories, this book wasn't too bad. The plot was one that I have a serious beef with: the woman, Katie, has a steady, strong-foundation-type man who is about to be her fiance. They met in their singles group at church.

Katie also has an ex-boyfriend who is now a millionaire who wants her to fly with him back to New Orleans to sing at his brother's wedding.

It's almost like Sweet Home Alabama but in this case, the guy from her hometown is also filthy rich.

I wish, just once, there'd be a story where the kind, honest boyfriend gets the girl while the wild and crazy ex is left in the dust. (maybe that's what happens here ... don't want to spoil it)

In most cases, the writer will find some flaw for the audience to find making the good boyfriend less "good". Think Sleepless in Seattle.

But enough about the plot used in this book. The character development is terrific; you learn about these people in a timely manner and you will not get bored.

How's that for a glowing review by a person who doesn't typically enjoy "click lit"?

A Billion Reasons Why

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Thomas Nelson Publisher.

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Netherland said...

A wonderful book that i could not put down. I have to say I was NOT disappointed and I had never read a book by Kristin Billerbeck before. Katie McKenna is engaged to be married to a man she doesn't love. She knows that she is settling for him. Her true love is a "multimillionaire" named Luc DeForges which she has known a long time but with whom she has hurt in the past as well as he hurt her. Will she allow herself to realize and admit that she belongs to Luc or will she settle into the life she thinks she deserves? It allowed me to be able to picture in my mind where she was at all times.