Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lost Encyclopedia

This is the perfect companion for the Lost fan. A through Z of almost everything from the 6 years Lost was on the air. You might be surprised to read about characters that just had a few seconds of screen time - not even a speaking part.

This is a large coffee table book filled with color photos and near-exhaustive information.

Many fans will be upset as this Encyclopedia does not provide answers to the questions left unanswered. You won't learn about the Hurley, Ben, and Walt adventures. Don't imagine you'll turn to the "S" section to lean all about the Smoke Monster. You will only read about things unveiled in the show. However, it does provide a one-stop look at characters, places, items, even ideas.

I was surprised at the number of editorial errors in this book. Many phrases are repeated and the number of misspelling is bizarre. I suppose they may have rushed things to get it published or it may have just been a case where there is just so much information that errors are bound to occur.

Either way, for its flaws, The Lost Encyclopedia is well worth it.
Lost Encyclopedia

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