Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Futurecast by George Barna

George Barna has revealed new research on how our behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs are shaping our future.

Inside Futurecast, Barna uses his polling data to explain a number of topics in America:

Our Lifestyles and Aspirations
Our Family Life
Our Attitudes and Values
Media, Technology and Entertainment
Our Religious Beliefs
Our Religious Behavior
Institutional Faith
Our Profile.

Barna explains what his polling and questionnaires reveal about our culture and how each generation is altering the American landscape.

Near the end, you get the feeling that Barna, as a Christian, isn't happy with the direction and he uses the final chapter to offer advice as to how we can redirect the current trends.

This book can be pretty slow with all the numerical data and percentages. Church leaders may want to take a look at the belief''s segments as they pertain to why people are leaving the current denominational church model and opting for more house-church styles.
Futurecast: What Today's Trends Mean for Tomorrow's World

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