Tuesday, June 14, 2011

King's Cross by Timothy Keller

I wasn't too thrilled with Keller's bestseller, The Reason for God, but I loved King's Cross.

Keller takes us on a trip through the Gospel of Mark. This book is essentially a series of his sermons put into book form.

Inside he breaks the book into 2 parts: The King and The Cross. The first section deals with the chapters of Mark up to where Jesus is proclaimed the Christ by Peter. He skims over a few verses but touches on what he feels drives the major thought of the story.

The Cross focuses on the last part of Mark. You will read about the misunderstanding from the disciples and why Jesus was so upset the night of his arrest.

This book is a great pastoral book. Each chapter ends with a positive challenge that has come to engender Protestant churches.

In addition to reading simple sermons, you will learn a few tidbits of the culture in Jesus' time as well as some inspiring anecdotes.

I had listened to Timothy Keller online when he was doing a multi-cast talk with another author and, at the time, he seemed to be rather dry and professor-like. I worried that all of his books would read like a college lecture. Luckily I was wrong and King's Cross is a great book.

King's Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus

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