Monday, June 20, 2011

The Switch

I was expecting a slap-stick comedy from the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman but I was pleasantly surprised. The Switch is actually a decent movie (although it does carry the heavy cliches).

Aniston is a single middle-aged woman was has no prospects of getting married yet she wants to have a baby. She decides to get a man to donate his sperm for her to have a baby on her own. Patrick Wilson is only too happy to participate.

Bateman is her friend from forever ago, and he isn't quite sure her plan is the best idea.

After getting drunk at her party, he accidentally spills Wilson's "donation" and makes The Switch.

7 years go by with Aniston moving away, having the baby and Bateman getting on with his life. When Aniston returns with her son, Bateman begins to notice they have similar quirks and characteristics. (He doesn't have the memory of that drunk party decision)

The cliches in this movie range from the cute kid who acts like an adult to the climactic reveal of strong feelings at the most improper time. (With the expected results)

All in all, and I must have been in just the right mood, this movie wasn't too bad.

BONUS: Jeff Goldblum is the best part as Bateman's boss and best friend. He has to make more comedies.
The Switch

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