Friday, August 12, 2011

God of Love and God of Judgment by Stephen K. Moroney

There's a bug going around issuing statements on whether God is only a god of love or if He is a god who judges. Stephen Moroney adds his voice to the plethora of books. God of Love and God of Judgment is the typical Moroney work.

Moroney divides this into 3 parts. In the first part, he examines the path of a God of judgment without love. He explains the peril of holding this view in light of current events. Then we go back to Martin Luther and examine how we can move to include God's love.

In part 2, we look at a God of love without judgment. He includes Marcion up through Joel Olsteen and liberal theology.

I have always enjoyed how Moroney spells out the many views and how they caught fire and why people get caught up with them. This is all written out before he hits us with his view and why it should be correct!

Part 3 brings love and judgment together. Instead of viewing the love and judgment of God to be in conflict with one another, Moroney proposes that we look at God's character like a diamond - many angles to the one, united person and character of God that includes love and judgment.

This book is thick with footnotes, but it is just as easy to read for pure enjoyment.

This book would be an excellent discussion starter for students and coffee drinkers alike.

God of Love and God of Judgment

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