Friday, August 12, 2011


This is most certainly a religious movie. Nicolas Cage plays an agnostic professor whose wife has just died. He's dealing with those feelings while trying to raise his son.

His son's class digs up a 50-year old time capsule and discovers a piece of paper covered with numbers.

These numbers predict the time and place of major catastrophes. There's one more number that predicts the destruction of the planet.

Knowing begins as an interesting thriller but then devolves into a slightly confusing, religious/sci-fi mish-mash.

I long for the days when Nicolas Cage made good movies. What happened to him and his decision to make some really bad films lately?

This film is vague enough to not give the audience black and white answers but it's clear enough that you understand what the writers were trying to least in the last 15 minutes it becomes clear.

This is a movie that should have been much better than it ended up being. I'm still waiting for a decent movie with Christian themes.


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