Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Robin Hood

I found Ridley Scott's Robin Hood to be similar to his King Arthur. Both are attempting to explain the "true story" behind their own legend. And both are quite boring.

In Robin Hood, you have Russell Crowe as Robin. He's an archer in King Richard's army. As they return from the Crusades, they must sack castles in order to continue paying the men.

Richard dies in one such skirmish, Robin and his men flee.

You have many of the familiar characters from the story: Marian, the Sheriff, Prince John, etc...

In this film, however, you have a lackey who has dreams of the French invading England.

It's up to Robin, his men and a few pro-Englanders to stand up for their rights and save the land.

There were many parts in this movie where I laughed out loud. It was that lame. Crowe gives a half-hearted speech about why Englishmen need liberty and freedom...and then there's his, "I love you Marian" moment that comes across as just pathetic.

This was another movie that did not need to be made, or watched.

Robin Hood (Single-Disc Unrated Director's Cut)

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