Monday, September 5, 2011

Raised Right by Alisa Harris

From the title of this book, you'll know it's about a person who transitioned her politics from hardcore Republican to left-leaning moderate Democrat.

Alisa Harris was raised to believe that Republicans were God's chosen leaders. How can Democrats believe in God, right? She would protest at abortion clinics and go door-to-door for any Republican politician running for any office. All this as a very young girl.

Raised Right tells of her past and how she came to be a Feminist who voted for President Obama and came to understand that many Republicans don't have the best godly intentions.

Harris touches on many topics from abortion, war, economics and the virtue of belonging to a party simply because your parents do.

I wasn't able to connect with her writing as much as I did with Donald Miller's earlier books. They seem to be of the same generation who see politics as something more complex than sound bites.

I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt with some of the clunky writing until I read that she had become a feminist. I actually felt sorry for her when I read that she was raised in a church that believed women were going against God if they went to college. (What?!?) But I have been skewed in my views of feminists and I found it difficult to read the rest of her book without the tinted glasses.

Raised Right: How I Untangled My Faith from Politics

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing.

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