Friday, November 4, 2011

Green Lantern

Bottom line: Ryan Reynolds is the best part of this movie. His dry humor saves this from being as bad as Daredevil.

Reynolds is Hal Jordan. Ace test pilot. Chosen to be the first human in an intergalactic guild of protectors called the Green Lantern Corps.

They use the power of their will to create all kinds of instruments to use in their fight for good.

Suddenly, a force emerges that feeds off of people's fears. While gaining strength, Jordan is learning to create outlandish tools. Not only does this diabolical force desire to destroy the earth, but another villain emerges. One found in Peter Sarsgaard. It may just be me but I find Sarsgaard incredibly annoying. I don't know if it's his face or his voice. Maybe a combination of those two plus his acting the same character in every movie.

It was an interesting choice to have the Green Lantern costume to be all digital and not the typical spandex outfit. I'm biased, I enjoy the old way of making special effects. (Think the original Star Wars. Before Lucas destroyed them with CGI) But with that, I'm not sure they could have made this movie with traditional effects.

Let's see if the sequel will build on the more positive aspects of this film and never bring back Sarsgaard...

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