Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When your attention grabber is, "from the visual effects masterminds behind Avatar, Iron Man 2 and 300" you better have a good idea what kind of plot-deprived movie you're about to watch.

Skyline is about a group of yuppies in Southern California trying to survive a massive alien invasion. Another reviewer commented that this was basically "watching people watch the movie Independence Day"; and that is surprisingly accurate.

The aliens unleash a blue light that alters your face and puts you in some kind of hypnosis for them to suck you up into their machines.

Most of the dialogue consists of, "go...GO!" and "Hurry, get down. Shhhh" But who was really expecting anything other than a mindless alien-destruction movie?

It came out around the same time as Battle: Los Angeles so the comparisons are everywhere. This one isn't as boring, it's not as long and it plays as more comic-booky than realistic.

I enjoyed the special effects and the ending. The creators have stated that they want to make a sequel. With them footing their own bill, I'm sure we'll see a Skyline 2 soon

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