Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Queen by Steven James

It took me a lot longer to The Queen than I anticipated and typically, that means the story isn't as good.

However, with Steven James, he continues to impress with this stories that surprise me and have always caught me off guard when it comes to the "big reveal" at the end.

FBI special agent Patrick Bowers is sent in to investigate a couple murders. While he's doing his thing, we're introduced to a much bigger plot than we have experienced with past Bower books.

James continues his excellence in FBI thrillers. He can take an adrenaline-laced plot and interweave very personal characters throughout. The humanity that leaps off of these pages is astounding. A Michael Bay-like blockbuster these books are not. These novels are so full of substance that you forget these books follow the line of so many procedural tv shows. (CSI, Law & Order, etc...)

Patrick and his step-daughter are continuing their relationship in a very authentic way. The romantic interest between Patrick and Lien-Hua feels very true-to-life. I have always enjoyed this about James' writing. While the craziness is going around the investigation, the relationships are not lacking.

When the investigation leads to nuclear war and submarines I began to wonder how realistic this truly could be. When it involved the Secretary of State and a nation in the Middle East, and a particular reaction of that nation, I threw reality to the wind.

By that time, however, I was enjoying the full-paced rush to the climactic end.

I cannot wait for The King.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Revell Publishing.

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