Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Source Code

A mind-twisting movie that feels like a 30 minute television show.

I thought Jake Gyllenhaal did a good job as a soldier tasked with identifying a terrorist by reliving the last eight minutes of someone's life over and over.

This is science fiction mixed with ideas of time & space. The confined space of a commuter train and the machine Gyllenhaal's character sits in helps create some of the atmosphere of tension and deep threat.

I thought this movie went very fast. It felt like I was watching an episode of television instead of a feature film simply because of how quick it was over.

I didn't connect with the romance forced into the plot nor did I empathize with the whole father-son dynamic either. This film was all about the science behind the plot. Nevermind the characters.

This is a movie similar to Pandorum in that you discover answers to the plot along with the characters. In the end, it's a far-fetched idea about combating terrorism with super computers, time/space and physics.

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