Thursday, December 29, 2011


Why do comedy writers believe they have to write in so many swear words in their script to make their movie funny?

Bridesmaids had one redeeming value and it was not the script, the women or the humor.

What happens when two best friends are divided because of a woman with money? You get the plot for Bridesmaids. Lillian is getting married, her best friend Annie is supposed to plan her party and all the fun. Unfortunately everything Annie plans fails. Enter Helen to the rescue. Her money will buy all kinds of love. Including a bridal shower in which the guests go home with puppies as party favors.

Touted as the year's funniest movie, but I didn't laugh once.

Even when they try to devolve to bathroom humor with food poisoning puke and diarrhea, this movie barely registers on the funny meter.

As I said, the only redeeming value for this movie comes in the form of the loveable police officer played by Chris O'Dowd. (From tv's The I.T. Crowd) He is a breath of fresh air in this putrid calamity.

This movie isn't even worth a rental.

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