Thursday, December 29, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love

At first glance I thought this was going to be another Hitch movie - man can't get girl so "Rico Suave" comes along and teaches geek/nerd to be a lady's man.

Boy was I wrong.

Steve Carell plays Cal, a man whose wife has just told him she wants a divorce and that she slept with another man.

In his depressed stupor, Cal meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling) a lady's man who goes home with a different girl every night. Jacob makes it his mission to get Cal back in the dating scene.

Meanwhile, there's a girl who brings out a new side of Jacob that makes him awkward. He begins to feel like he's in a real relationship.

Carell saves this movie as he does with every film he's in. There are some truly awesome comedy moments in this game, but they are always marred by taking the crude humor/language too far.

A case-in-point is at the cliched "speech" moment at the end of the film. It could have ended with the cheese but the son just has to add one more sentence which pretty much ruined it.

This is not exactly a romantic comedy in the traditional sense. Yes, it deals with the foibles of romance and fleeting love but it also touches on some darker aspects of married love that looks to have failed.

I was surprised with the twist in this film. It was great and created a wonderful collision mid-climax for an awkward-paced movie.

Steve Carell seems to be a fantastic actor who gets cast in some crude movies.

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