Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Daniel Fast by Susan Gregory

Susan has created a blog that goes into the facts behind her Daniel Fast as given by reading the book of Daniel.

Inside you'll find two parts. The first part deals with the back-story and information for the blog (who is Susan Gregory), where the fast came from (looking into the life of Daniel in captivity), and the steps to take for a successful fast.

Part two gives you recipes, menus and a list of the foods that are acceptable for the fast. Gregory then provides a twenty-one day devotional to assist you in your "cleansing".

For those looking for a healthy alternative along with practical advice for fasting, The Daniel Fast is an excellent resource.

I am always surprised at how few people drink only water. In this book we're told how hard it is to drink only water, as Daniel did, and stop drinking tea, coffee or soda. Am I the only person who orders water at restaurants?

The food aspects of this fast are a little more challenging. But the recipes look fascinating and worth the try.

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Pastor Timothy W. Fisher said...

I agree with you that this is an excellent resource. Thank you for yet another brief yet insightful book review! Keep up the great work!