Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Twilight's Last Gleaming by Robert Jeffress

Robert Jeffress is the pastor of a $130 million megachurch campus in Texas. His sermons are heard around the country and, by the end of this book, you'll have those facts memorized.

Jeffress believes The United States of America is seeing her last days. But there's good news for Christians; you can be the salt that Jesus has called you to be to help delay the collapse. This book goes hand in hand with the Left Behind books and theology. Since the Bible does not talk about America in The End Times, it means the country will not exist. But it's all good because that means the end is near.

Inside you'll Jeffress will explain how this country will implode. Much like their old church building did when they began construction on their new $130 million campus. (Have I mentioned that yet?) The country is being destroyed by tolerance. But not simply tolerance; a misunderstanding of what tolerance actually means.

Now, in this point I was in agreement with Jeffress. It seems that tolerance only works for certain people and against a select others. For example, Christians are called to be tolerant of other beliefs while there isn't so much a call for tolerance of the Christian belief or believer.

Jeffress discusses how there are criteria that politicians must meet in order for Christians to vote for them - namely they must be Christians and prove it.

Cynicism aside, Jeffress does stand up for truth. He does call out the crazies who sent out e-mails blasting the Democrat presidential candidate(s) claiming the wrong scripture for their life-verse. While it was supposed to be John 3:16, the candidate said John 16:3. In the e-mails it was attributed to both Howard Dean and then John Kerry when truthfully, it was George H.W. Bush.

I do admire when people can point to the truth in all things.

This is a book written for the Religious Right and the Left Behind crowd. I don't think you'll see much kudos from any other demographic.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Worthy Publishing.

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