Monday, April 16, 2012

Coming Apart by Charles Murray

Based on five decades of research, Murray explores the the characteristics of America's upper and lower classes.

Murray attempts to show that these classes are not based on income inequality. He states this gap has grown during bad economies as well as good economies.

The main thrust isn't so much worried about the "whys" as to just describe and define the classes.

This is a very thick book full of stats and facts that might cause many of us to doze. However, this is a very interesting read. With the political climate the way it is and with the talking heads blaming each other for pushing class warfare, Coming Apart helps us step back and take a breath before we utter another pointless debate.

Murray uses the first part of this book to describe how the Upper Class of America was formed and what they contribute to the country. Part two is all about the formation of the Lower Class of America and what they provide.

He goes into some detail of the differences of the classes. He uses the example of going to Parents Open Night at an elementary school. It's quite the eye opener as to what each class will do and what to expect.

Part three of this book unveils a "what next" step. Murray sends us on an imagination trip as to what we can do with these classes.

This is not a book for everyone.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Crown Forum Publishing.

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