Monday, April 23, 2012

The Coming Revolution by Dr. Richard Lee

Dr. Lee does not hesitate to declare his views of the Obama Administration and the current path of The United States. But he does it in a very civil way. You won't see the name-calling or character assassination that fill most books of this nature.
The Coming Revolution
is Dr. Lee's history lesson. I enjoyed reading the three chapters that cover the birth of The United States. (I must have been in a particular state of mind) But here's the thing, if you're into what Dr. Lee calls Revisionist history, you will not like the blatant absence of most of the negative aspects of the Puritans coming to America.

You'll read about the parallels between where we are currently with what the Founders were living through and why they decided to claim their independence from a government that was not listening to their views or giving them representation.

Dr. Lee aligns himself with Glenn Beck and the Tea Party by declaring the unity of God and country. This will not be a book embraced by Liberals or most Democrats.

The final three chapters outline what our society faces today and what we can do about it. We, being people who do not want to continue under President Obama's vision. Lee goes into what he sees as Obama's socialist agenda and compares that to Marx, Lenin and Soviet Russia. He also points out the weakness of Europe and why The United States will morph into that quagmire soon enough. At a few points in the book, it felt like he was sliding into "fear tactics" to push away from the opposing view. But this really isn't anything new. Both sides of the political aisle use these measures. Just take it as it is and don't get too carried away.

This book is a polite, civil way of saying, "Religion, with a Democratic Republic government & Capitalism as the economy is good while Humanism, Communism and Socialism are bad."

The bottom line: if you are a supporter of President Obama and his agenda, you will read this book as if it came straight from FoxNews. If you are a supporter of the Tea Party, you will hail this as the greatest book of our time.

If nothing else, read this book for the history lesson that you are sure to have missed during your education. Or probably have forgotten by now if you're not a history teacher.

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