Saturday, May 5, 2012

Go + Do by Jay Milbrandt

What do you imagine a book will be about if the author's the director of the Global Justice Program?

Jay Milbrandt serves the global community as a human rights lawyer. He took his MBA and left a possible posh living for the hard work of serving God.

Within these fourteen chapters, you will be challenged to advance against your fears and take steps away from your comfort level. This challenge will come alongside personal anecdotes from Milbrandt's experiences in Asia, Africa and other continents.

Milbrandt wants us to change those around us as we are changed more like Christ. He promotes a lifestyle process instead of the typical strategic CEO style. Think relational evangelism instead of bullhorn "turn-or-burn".

This isn't a book intending to make you feel good about your church attendance or how your worship tastes are so much closer to the heavenly style. Instead, you will read how you need to be equipped from your church and then leave to practice it.

In this postmodern society, story trumps facts and this book is all about promoting your stories. Boiled down: this book is the call to leave your comfort zone and practice Christlike ministry away from the burbs.
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Jay Milbrandt said...

Thank you for taking the time to read and review Go and Do! I appreciate your kind words about the book. I hope it was thought-provoking. Many thanks!

Jay Milbrandt