Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Big Bottom Blessing by Teasi Cannon

This is the perfect book to give to women who hate their image.

Teasi (Tee See) Cannon combines her own story of battling her self-confidence with inspirational words to comfort and energize people to embrace God's best.

This combination of gut-wrenching honesty and grace opens the door to what many of us need. A freedom from the cliched Christian responses. "Let go and let God" (I hate that one).

After reading through the ten chapters, you'll find a nice resource page for further reading and assistance with whatever "issues" you may be dealing with.

Each chapter ends with a fill-in-the-blank worksheet for you to continue your reaction to what you just read. This includes the easy questions with more thought-provoking things and Scripture references.

You'll find humor and incredible pain through Cannon's journey. You'll even see a little of yourself as you identify with her inner-dialogue with "trainer" and other "well intentioned" friends.

Click here to read the first chapter of My Big Bottom Blessing.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Worthy Publishings

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Kay said...

I've read and enjoyed this book as well. Great review of a fabulous book! It’s been said that real change happens when we become aware of the negative self-talk in our heads, and replace it with positive messages. This book takes it a step further, offering an honest look at one woman’s struggles with weight and body image. But rather than just “thinking positive,” she became deeply aware of God’s love for her. Knowing she was God’s beloved made it possible for her to love herself. I know all women, regardless of size, will appreciate Teasi Cannon's honesty!