Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It Worked For Me by Colin Powell

Is there anyone who does not have utmost respect for Colin Powell?

Retired four-star general, served in four presidential administrations with his most recent stint as Secretary of State. This man knows how to be civil and courteous while at the same time decisive and assertive.

Powell has written a book on leadership based on his experience in the military and political spheres. He writes extensively on his time in the Army and as many experiences as he could come up with for the anecdotes.

The political stories aren't as numerous but it's great to read the bits he includes. This guy knows how to stay above the mud-slinging and still speak his mind. He addresses how so many people wanted him to run for President years ago and I was one of the people who would have loved to see his ideas play out. There are some who are still saddened that he didn't run for office but his excuses not to are perfectly fine: he didn't have the passion to run.

This book is divided into six parts. Each chapter is self-containing and you can read this book at whatever pace is comfortable. You can blitz through this or read a chapter a week and still gain important insights from a man who's been around the world.

I enjoyed reading through his thirteen rules for life, his understanding of knowing who you are, taking care of others, being a good manager, and ultimately the short bit on his Powell Doctrine of using decisive force.

This is a book on leadership that towers over other leadership books.

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