Friday, August 17, 2012

The Amateur by Edward Klein

Right off the bat, strong supporters of President Obama will not enjoy this book. In fact, they will not even pick it up.

Edward Klein goes out of his way to repeated tell us that he interviewed almost 200 people for this book. His purpose is to show that President Obama has no experience leading anything and this has seriously hurt his presidency.

The book opens up with a argument between former President Clinton and his wife. It seems that Bill wants Hillary to run against President Obama for the 2012 primary. Hillary wants to remain loyal. When their daughter joins her father's side of the argument, Bill turns on the monologue as to why the country needs her and closes by saying President Obama is an amateur.

Klein then goes to Chicago and talks with barbers, college buddies, fellow lecturers, and other sideliners in order to complete a picture of our President.

What I noticed most of this book, other than Klein's opposition to President Obama, is how many people complain about not getting a single phone call from "their buddy" Barack Obama. It seems like these donors can't stop whining about how they didn't get what they wanted and how the President should at least return their messages.

Klein repeatedly states how Obama is not acting like a President should act: schmoozing with donors, Congressmen and women, making the personal phone calls and trying to connect with people.

I think that was the point of the Obama campaign. He told us he was going to be different. He wasn't going to be like every other President. Klein can't get past the fact that Obama doesn't fit the mold.

The next big target after Obama is Valerie Jarrett. She is Obama's Karl Rove. No one sees the President without going through her. She was the one who got Rahm Emanuel fired. She was the one who dissed Oprah Winfrey. She is the one who has carte blanche for any and every high-level meeting she chooses to attend.

Next up is Michelle Obama. Klein describes her as incredibly jealous: the type of woman who abruptly interrupts meetings at awkward times just to see what her husband is doing. She was not at all happy with Oprah wanting to do interviews. (Watch her final interview before creating OWN, Michelle sits with her arms crossed almost the entire time)

Bottom line: Klein looks at the record of President Obama -  his discussion with foreign leaders, his fumbling of the budget deal with Congress, and how he handled the economy and deems him to be unworthy of the office.

Some of the inside stories are interesting to read. He does have the sources listed at the end of his book so that is at least something he provided by way of evidence.

If you are a Tea Party Republican, you will want to pass this book out to all of your friends. If you are a pro-Obama Democrat you will cry foul and dismiss this book on sight. My recommendation is to at least read through it and see how politics is such a dirty business.

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