Thursday, October 18, 2012

Made in Heaven by Ray Comfort & Jeffrey Seto

Made in Heaven feels like it belongs in a school library.

An evangelist and aerospace engineer combine forces to look at thirty-two ways we are stealing for God's creative juices.

Did you know the Kingfisher helped people break the sound barrier and invent better trains? How about looking at how your bones heal and how that connects with the Eiffel Tower? Inside this picture-heavy book you'll learn about:

swimmers who wear suits made with fabric that mimics sharkskin and how that helps them swim faster,
body armor that is designed based on fish scales,
kevlar based on spider webs,
pine cones helping clothes manufacturers design shirts that whisk away moisture,
how the lotus leaf inspires clothes to stay dry,
how squids assist in jet propulsion,
shrimp eyes improving DVDs,
butterflies preventing counterfeits,
how our eyes improve a camera lens,

and much more.

This book seems made for a homeschool situation and it was very intriguing to read. You will discover amazing facts about the creation and how brilliant God is.

Some of the discoveries are ones you'd think make perfect sense. Others, like how the sunflower is perfect for creating solar panel technology, will have you searching the internet for more information.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by New Leaf Publishing.

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