Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sinner's Creed by Scott Stapp

The lead singer for the rock and roll band Creed is an alcoholic.

Do you even remember that band? They were big in the late 90s. Stapp has decided to write a tell-all that explains his faith in God and his destructive habits following the success of the band.

Stapp had a pretty rough childhood. His birth father didn't play much of a role in his life. His step-father seemed to be the kind of man he needed in his life. He was a dentist, he had a strong belief in God and church, he believed in honesty and integrity. Stapp's step-dad was going to turn the little Stapp-ruffian away from his rebellious ways.

Then his dad got a little too physical in his punishments. He was a bit extreme in his views of God, sin, punishment and fatherhood. The man was abusive to everyone in the home.

Stapp ran away.

After hooking up with a highschool classmate in college, they formed the band now known as Creed. Success was in the future with a label that knew how to promote and basically destroy their hit band on tour after tour.

Enter the drugs, jealousy, abuse and you have a split band with hard feelings.

As I finished this book, I couldn't help but think it seems like Stapp plays the victim card. Every once in a while he'll admit his shortcomings with drugs and alcohol, but really it's everyone else's fault for what happened to him.

Now granted, some horrible things happened between him and his family and his bandmates. But I'd think there would be admittance to your own ego errors besides, "yes I drank a few times too many".

Stapp still believes in God and that Jesus is his Son. He has a beautiful family that is his entire world now. I hope to see things continue to get better for him while he battles his demons.

He's a great rock singer who has been incredibly blessed with a forgiving wife and God's grace.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Tyndale Publishing.

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