Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Miracle for Jen by Linda Barrick

A book about a horrible accident and the survivors.

Linda Barrick has a powerful story to tell and she's poured it all out in this book. While she and her daughter doing public speaking events, this book details the events of the car accident and incredibly long road to recovery.

The Barrick family was driving home from church when a drunk driver sped away from a police officer and smashed into their vehicle. Jen received the brunt of the injuries and doctors didn't think she would ever recover. Both Linda and her husband, Andy, were seriously injured. Jen's brother walked out of the accident  with only minor injuries.

When you look at the pictures provided in the middle of the book and you read what the doctor's were doing to Jen while Linda and Andy were receiving their own urgent care, it's a testament to healing and miracles.

It may be hard for some to read this book and wonder, why didn't this happen to so-and-so who died in a car accident?. While I've had my own moments of questioning, this book is a fantastic week-long read (or however long it takes you to read books like this) into the power of prayer and a family who allows their trust in God to carry them through a very dark period.

Jen was the quiet girl until her recovery. Now she's a loud voice into the provision of God and why people cannot live without him.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Tyndale Publishing.

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