Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Price of Politics by Bob Woodward

I appreciated Bob Woodward's books during President Bush's terms and I appreciate his books during President Obama's terms.

The Price of Politics is typical Woodward reporting. He gathers hours of personal interviews and information and compiles them into an engaging 380 page story. Who would think that reading about how laws are made, or not made in this instance, would be so interesting.

There has been much hype surrounding this book. Especially now that I've read it after the sequester has taken effect. Woodward highlights how our politicians actually operate behind their public/media personas. The time period is when the federal government is in risk of defaulting for the first time in history. The GOP has taken the House and the Tea Party is riding high.

There is a brief introduction to how President Obama's administration treated Congress during their first two years in office. This treatment boiled down to: "We have the votes, f- 'em." The arrogance would come back to bite them in 2010.

Who will give in this political cat & mouse game? President Obama and the Democrats want revenue to offset the deficit by the tune of $1.2 trillion. (In all fairness the President was constantly talking about cutting spending. Something the GOP hammer him on whenever they're on the cable shows) Republicans were willing to vote for $800 million by reforming the tax code.

When Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal allies pressured the President to ask for $400 billion more, Speaker Boehner stopped negotiating and that was it. The blame game was on.

I admire Woodward for painting a full picture for us. This is a book for anyone interested in our their government works (or doesn't). No one is painted with a biased, Woodward simply gives us the information he is told. No one comes out clean. In fact, both Speaker Boehner and President Obama are to blame for many of our problems. Neither one provide the kind of leadership needed at that level.

This is a fantastic political book. Woodward does not deserve the flak he has received from the White House. By the end I was screaming at both Democrats and Republicans - "GROW UP and LEAD!!!"

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