Monday, November 25, 2013

Strangers at My Door by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

What would happen if you opened your house to every person who stopped by?

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove provides a collection of personal stories when he does exactly what Jesus calls: taking care of the fatherless, the widowed, the hungry and the homeless.

With a tendency to feel like Blue Like Jazz, this book is a group of stories tied into a narrative whole. You will be glued to the pages as you read about how crazy Jesus-like hospitality can be.

There is no doubt you will be challenged as you read. You may find yourself thinking, "There is no way I would raise a family in this type of situation". When we hear horror stories about the human condition - it seems evil is on the rampage, This book unveils how beautiful human beings can be to one another.

The stories, the people involved and the indirect challenge from Wilson-Hartgrove will ferment in your brain long after you've passed this book on to your friends.

If nothing else, hopefully it will cause you to treat that neighbor a little bit better.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by Crown Publishing Group.

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Sidne said...

sound like it may be a pretty good read.