Monday, November 25, 2013

The War on Christmas edited by Bodie Hodge

A collection of 23 essays that speak on the battles in faith, tradition, and religious expression.

The topics range from: Isn't Christmas a pagan holiday? to The X stands for Christ to What was the Christmas Star? to Worshiping Jesus or Santa Claus.

There are plenty more to read in this book that is compiled of really thick paper. It's almost like they took articles from magazines and created this book. The essays are well thought-out. The illustrations/images add just enough to keep it from becoming too boring. But honestly, this is a collection of magazine articles in book form.

While Christians will tear into the writings, I'm not sure if anyone else would be interested. You might want to use this as a jumping pad for your holiday controversial discussions but outside of this time of year, I don't see this book getting much use.

This book was provided for review, at no cost, by New Leaf Publishing.

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Sidne said...

things that make you say, HMMMMM. I can see me using this just as you suggested in my young adult class at the church. thanks for review. seen this one.