Saturday, May 24, 2014

Batman: The Court of Owls by Scott Snyder

Batman gets a redo in the New 52 series from DC comics and he is in terrific hands.

Scott Snyder tells a great story to get things started. Gotham City has a legend of a group of people who "run the city" behind the scenes. This court of owls has a vendetta against Bruce Wayne and Batman must do everything he can to find and stop them.

After a first shock to the system of seeing Batman and Joker battling alongside one another, Snyder turns the attention to the task at hand.

I couldn't put this graphic novel down. I thought the illustrations by Greg Capullo were excellent.

The only negative I have is once Batman discovers, or is discovered by, the Court of Owls things get very weird. The surreal aspects of that story development took me out of the story Snyder can built to that point.

This negative will not keep me from reading volume 2. I have to see what happens as they left volume 1 on a wide-eyed inducing cliff hanger.

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