Saturday, May 24, 2014

Godzilla: Awakening by Max & Greg Borenstein

This is a graphic novel prequel to the new Godzilla movie.

Awakening tells the story of the secret organization created to monitor MUTOs and Godzilla. It also explores the backstory of Dr. Serizawa. (The guy who declares, "Let them fight" in the film)

I was not at all impressed with the story. I had read an interview with the author/screenwriter that said while the graphic novel was not mandatory reading to enjoy the film, it did flesh out some of the groups and characters.

For me, this was absolutely not the case. Sure it tells about the creation of Monarch and who Dr. Serizawa is and why he's watching Godzilla but after watching the film, I feel that the exposition from the film did a better job explaining the past than this graphic novel.

On a nitpicky bit, I thought the MUTOs in the graphic novel were not exactly realized. Was this the purpose of the illustrator, Eric Battle? Was the point supposed to be that of humans viewing the creatures and as such not getting a good view? It just didn't work for me to see splashing of ink representing some flying creature without much detail. Godzilla was drawn with more detail but didn't have the flair I was hoping.

This is a decent story for Godzilla diehards, I'm sure, but as a prequel and from the standpoint of a casual fan, this graphic novel failed to deliver.

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