Friday, September 12, 2014

Alien: Sea of Sorrows by James Moore

This is the second book of a new Alien trilogy. The first book was interesting as it took place between the the first two Alien movies, but this book takes place far into the future - beyond the last Alien movie (Alien Resurrection).

Sea of Sorrows is simply the Aliens movie rehashed.

We have the Weyland-Yutani Corporation looking for the alien lifeform. We have a descendent of Ellen Ripley as the one person to help out a group of military-like mercenaries locate and capture them. We have the colony that has been built around the location of the alien from the first book.

Sound just like James Cameron's Aliens?

Sea of Sorrows is what I have found typical in Alien novels. Group of people enter a place, aliens wake up and slaughter all but a few. Mildly entertaining but not completely enjoyable.

Somehow Alan Decker is a descendant of Ellen Ripley and he has a connection to the aliens by way of emotional telekineses. I don't like when authors give "thoughts" to the aliens. (i.e. Decker can feel their hatred of him, and they "think" about him as the destroyer)

I thought Ripley only had a daughter and then died in the third movie. And, I thought, Ripley's daughter did not have children according to the novel of Aliens. Now, an interesting thought I had was if Decker was a descendant of the Ripley clone. (This would count for his ability to connect with the aliens) But apparently that is not the case.

This just felt too much like a repeat of the second movie for me to enjoy it.

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