Friday, September 12, 2014

Let Me Be Clear by Katie Kieffer

These kinds of books really upset me.

I enjoy reading political books, political commentary books, behind-the-scenes political books, you get the idea. I enjoy reading a well-rounded exploration of ideas. Heck, I'll even read a clearly biased book like HRC.

What I don't enjoy is when an author feels she/he can disrespect elected officials - particularly the President. Just a few pages into this book and you'll notice Katie despises President Obama. And to be clear, it's okay that she does! What isn't okay is for her to refer to the President as Barry or any other nickname for the person. It's okay to even refer to him simply by his last name but Katie goes out of her way to belittle by way silly names.

This is how far we have come. There has to be a level of respect for the office even when you don't agree with anything the person holding that office stands for.

I agree with a lot of the points that Katie makes throughout this book, from the inconsistencies, to outright lies President Obama made during his election promises to what he factually did after being elected. I agree that the Millennials were taken to the cleaners by the political machine that was Obama's Reelection Team.

I simply had a sour taste in my mind reading this book. You can tell she's trying to get a name for herself by using Presidents Clinton and Kennedy's sexual failures in connection with President Obama's policy failures of this generation.

So I'm pretty biased against this style of political writing no matter who's in office.

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